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Welcome to Hitcom, Sydney’s leading video production company. We create powerful, attention-grabbing videos for businesses in Australia and worldwide. Get your message out there and get more eyes on your business with Hitcom!

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Why Choose Hitcom?

Hitcom is a leader in video production and editing, offering creative and technical solutions, implementing VFX (effects) to the content that meets our customers’ needs. We’re a full-service video production agency with a specialty in thinking outside the frame. We use a range of innovative video production techniques and effects to push the boundaries of creativity and grab the attention of people worldwide.

We’ve done away with the standard, boring approach to video concepts. Instead, we plan strategies in detail and put them into action fast, taking your ideas in any form and transforming them into fully formed, professionally produced videos.

Full-Service Video Production Company Sydney

Got a script? We can work with you to transform your ideas into reality! Alternatively, let us take care of the complete process, from ideation and scriptwriting to editing and post-production, and we’ll deliver incredible results.

Whether you need a video for promotion, advertising, TV, Youtube, social media or anything else, our team can work closely with you to make it happen. With a skilled team of technological and creative designers, we can take your vision and bring it to life. Thinking outside the box is our specialty. It’s what lets us deliver results no one else can and help our clients stand out from the crowd.

We offer each of our services standalone. However, if you’re looking to make a real impact, choose our complete video production package and let our talented production team create something incredible.

How It Works

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If you’re ready to start working with us, we’ll set up a Zoom meeting to discuss your project in detail with our project manager and videographer in Sydney. Here we’ll discuss the result you’re aiming for, what the piece is for, and what we can do to make it happen. We’ll then pass your ideas and the project concept to our scriptwriters, who will provide a brief suggestion about how we can make your project look appealing and eye-catching for the target audience. We can use your video if you have some already or shoot new video based on your needs. Once you’re happy with the idea and all the formalities are finalised, we start organising the team behind the project!
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Here’s where the magic begins. Our production team / VFX heads and editors will take your ideas and work out how to turn your vision into reality. We work side by side with you throughout the project to ensure things are heading in the right direction and so we’re able to achieve the best possible results. It’s here we can add special effects, post-processing and more to get things looking perfect. With a wide range of effects and techniques available to use, we can fine-tune to the smallest of details.
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Communication is at the core of everything we do! We keep clear channels between you and our production team from start to finish to guarantee everything gets done on time and at the highest standard. We always send a snippet of the project to you before the final version to give you an idea of how the video will look at the end. Then our team will finalise production and get your project delivered to you in different formats for each of the channels you’re using, whether that’s social media, Youtube, TV or anywhere else. If you have specialised needs talk to our team. We’re here to make sure your experience with us is incredible from start to finish.

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Hitcom is ready to work with you to create incredible video productions. As a leading video production company in Sydney, we work with businesses, directors, popular Youtubers, visual artists, advertising agencies and more, helping them turn their vision into reality. Ready to get started? Book a consultation with our team and discover what Hitcom can do for you.

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