3D Animation Studios in Australia

Based in Sydney, Hitcom is a leading 3D animation, motion graphics and video production studio. We work with brands and individuals both locally and globally to create stunning 3D animated videos for social media, television, promotion, online video and more. Work with us and we’ll take care of the entire process, planning, producing and editing together an animation that fits your needs perfectly.

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What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is an art form in which objects are created by three-dimensional models and moved according to the script. 3D animation is a particularly popular technique among video game developers, movie makers and television studios due to its ability to show motion as if it were actually happening in real life. It’s versatile and virtually limitless, with the only limits to animation being budget and time. It can be used to depict realistic situations for instructional videos or to create art for music videos, promotions and more. A skilled animator can create anything from ultra-realistic 3D models to stylistic and eye-catching animations.

With so many options available, 3D animation is fantastic for innovating and capturing the imagination and attention of an audience. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on your audience, 3D animation is the way to go.

3d animation studios in australia
3d animation studios

What Styles of 3D Animation Do You Offer?

Hitcom offers a wide range of 3D animation styles, from realistic 3D animation to stylistic and eye-catching animations.

The styles of 3D animation offered by Hitcom depend on how you want the end result to appear. While the most popular style is realistic 3D animation, used for instructional videos or when depicting a product in its most accurate form, many of our clients choose us for liquid and fluid animation.

Our capabilities are always growing, so if you have ideas for how you want your 3D animation to look we can work with you to make it happen.

The Future of 3D Animation

With video being the most popular form of media these days, far outclassing images or text, 3D animation is only going to get more popular. More movies are using 3D animation to tell stories, businesses are using it to advertise in a way that’s widely acceptable to reach greater audiences, and social media is adapting it for viral videos and even product promotion. If you’re not looking into how 3D animation can help you grow your business or reach your audience, you’re missing out! Discuss your needs with our team today and we can show you what 3D animation could help you achieve.
future of 3d animation

What Hitcom Can Do for You

3d animation learn service


Get in contact with our team and we can start getting to know your business objectives. We'll get a better sense of what you're working on, or give input for existing ideas. Once we have a game plan, the rest of the work is left up to our production team. They put our ideas into action, all the way through filming, editing and more.

3d animation plan service


We plan the filming, scriptwriting, effects and more to work out exactly what we're going to do with your video. Our talented team drafts everything out to get the script and ideas to a point where you're completely happy with them.

3d animation produce service


When the Hitcom team arrives on location, we will spend a few hours filming whatever it is that you need. If you bring us video or have a script, we can put your video together for you. If it's an animation, we'll draw and render everything to get it looking clean and fresh!

3d animation edit service


Once the filming is completed, our team edits and polishes your video to create a finished product. We can also add special effects or post-processing to help you get exactly what you want. Once finished, we'll send it to you in a set of different formats, ready for YouTube, TV, social media or anywhere else.

3D low poly

Low poly is a special styling of 3d graphics that cuts off all unnecessary things.
The main advantage is fast production on the 3d platform,
a nice looking picture and a special look


HUD interface

HUD UI – 3d visualization of objects
embedded in video for demonstration
interface. Each HUD object is developed individually

Photoreal (Cinematic)

Complex, layered animation that mimics objects, people and locations like in real life to integrate into your commercial. Allows you to embody any fantasy into reality and create unique content


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